• We give professional and effective solutions for boaters on their electrical installations and repairs. Focusing on giving the correct service for the individual to fit their needs to get the most from their boat, be it leisure or liveaboard. 

    Our rich portfolio is supported by years of proven, happy clients. We work with clients from a variety of boating walks of life, from narrowboats and widebeam liveaboards, all the way through to your high end luxury leisure boats.

    The remit of our work isn’t just limited to the idea that we install solar, AC and DC circuits. As the world of electronics advances, we are beginning to specialise in communication between instrumentation and appliances that we are now finding more and more in the marine community. Allowing thermostatic control via WiFi, or just being able to have visibility on how your boat is doing with its batteries when you’re not there. Bringing your boat up to the standard of the 21st century.

Victron Certified Installers

Our team can advise, supply, install and service all major brands of marine electronics. However, we are proud Victron certified installers. This gives us the edge with producing a modern system, which we can tailor to your needs. With devices like the Cerbo GX, we can bring you online with the Victron Remote Management (VRM). Connected equipment can store data in the Cloud giving us a real-time view, or allowing us to find an event that previously had shut your system down. Everything all in one place, easy to find and remotely diagnose to monitor your systems. No matter where you are, we can support you.

  • Supply

    We work closely and have direct points of contact with the manufacturers that we recommend. This helps us to have belief that the products that we are installing on your project are absolutely the right fit for the functionality required, as well as giving us the edge on troubleshooting a previous installation. Another benefit that we can extend to you is that this allows us to keep our prices competitive with not just other trade outfits, but also the online market which is forever closing the gap. We are happy to supply you with the kit required for your designed system alone, however, we recommend that if you purchase any electronics from us, you do have it installed by a competent electrician. Just to save yourself the hassle later on down the line!

  • Maintenance

    Boats are individual and no two boats are ever truly built the same. Our experience on the waterways over the years has given us a wealth of knowledge of different vessels and systems which could get anyone into a pickle. As you would expect, fault finding is a specialism of ours, including classic boat electrical hardware, inverters, MPPTs and battery issues. Uniquely we find ourselves bridging the technological gap, with luxuries such as thermostatic controlled heating and WiFi-enabled remote capabilities that we have all become accustomed to in our homes, now installed more commonly on boats. We are capable of diagnosing malfunctions including firmware and data transfer, to have your boat function as it was described to you when it was built or bought. We pride ourselves on being able to pick through the obscure world of marine electrics and find the canal map to get you back on the river quickly.

  • Installation

    With current qualifications required by the BMEEA, and training direct from the manufacturers, we come certified to carry out work to the highest standards you would expect, with all the individual specifications from the manufacturers taken into account and executed. This in turn makes our installations quick and efficient, thus making our installations more cost-effective, with considerably less head-scratching involved. Lithium batteries prove to be one of our most sought-after upgrades, as you would expect from a high-end new technology. We offer the services to install such units, but also harness the full power locked inside. With knowledge to charge them off the engine's alternators, or from one of our solar installations. Giving you the opportunity to cruise the cut with all the power in the world.

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Smart System Design

If you are looking to have a smart system, or be able to cruise without worries of your batteries flattening. Here's a list of but a few systems we can install:

- Solar dumps for your immersion heater. Whenever your  batteries are full, we can redirect power to the immersion, so that your surplus solar isn’t being wasted. 

- AC ignore, which means you can prioritise using your batteries over the AC shore power, keeping costs down whilst inside marinas.

- Adding voltage sensing relays onto your battery bank, utilising your starter alternator to charge your leisure batteries whilst the engine is running, to achieve maximum efficiency whilst charging on the move!

A professional bunch

I have nothing but praise for the professionalism and efficiency of the guys at EnergyCraft, advice and knowledge of my solar install was fantastic. The install wasn’t without its problems but these issues were overcome very quickly and efficiently. The job completed and I am thrilled with additional solar input 😊. In the past I have sought advice on my Victron setup and other electrical issues and again the knowledge and solutions offered have been great and implemented in a timely manner.

Richard - 60ft Widebeam
Excellent service

It’s been two years since Simon and the EnergyCraft team worked on my project. The service provided was excellent, after sitting down and talking about what I intended on using electrically on my boat with Simon. He only suggested what I actually needed for my boat and not trying to flog me more than I required. It was a pleasure working with him, not to mention even after the installation and rewire he was very responsive with any questions I had after the work had been completed!

Becky - 60ft Narrowboat